Gourmet Market in Marbella

Mercado Abastos & Vilandas· Gourmet Market in Marbella

Gourmet Market in Marbella

It‘s not just its beaches, sunny weather and great atmosphere that have turned Marbella into one of the Costa del Sol’s star cities.

Its privileged location, nestled between the sea and the mountains, impregnates the city with a unique wealth of gastronomy, reflected in the numerous and varied local spaces offering traditional, home-made and designer cuisine.

Fish and shellfish take pride of place in Marbella’s most exclusive kitchens, along with products from the land, such as vegetables and different sorts of meat. Light and exquisite dishes, ideal for enjoying at any time of year.

With this background, there is no doubt that Marbella is the ideal place for setting up a project like Abastos & Viandas; as such, the city’s spirit, history and traditions fill every nook and cranny of our market.

A gourmet market that focuses on the south of Spain’s own high quality and varied cuisine, and that strives to give all visitors a taste of that characteristic flavour of the freshest local products from our coastline and fields.

At Abastos & Viandas you’ll find food that is highly prized both in Andalusia and further afield. Traditional dishes from the province and region, Spanish and international recipes and drinks of all types. Our gastronomy market is the perfect place for sitting around a table for some tapas, sampling our wines or our desserts, sharing some precious time with friends and making every evening a unique experience.

Marbella’s national and international fame makes it one of the Spanish regions with most culinary potential, and at Abastos & Viandas you’ll discover the soul of Andalusia in every mouthful.

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